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Extreme Makeovers Inc
10 Reviews

Extremely nice work!



Extreme Makeovers Inc. completed full remodeling of master bathroom and first floor half bathroom.

AreaSan Mateo

Cost$10,000 - $14,999

Roy Couvertier, the owner of Extreme Makeovers Inc. and his trusty colleague, Issac, made a good first impression. They arrived on time. Their van was professionally painted and their shirts had logos that matched. Roy asked permission before parking his truck and showed great consideration for the...

14 Reviews

Fantastic Job!!!



Delivered and installed an audio setup, including speakers, microphones, mixers, and decor

AreaSan Francisco

Cost$3,000 - $4,999

Great company! Great Work! Great group of guys! I had a wonderful experience with NextArts. I found these guys whilst searching for a place to rent audio and speaker equipment from for a corporate engagement. A quick google search took me to www.nextarts.org, where I was able to view many pictures...

United General Acceptance Corporation
1 Reviews

Director of Sales



Establishing a new division office by providing technology acquisition account of $250,000.00 with very reasonable interest rates with flex pay options based on the amount of purchased.

AreaSaint Louis

Cost$30,000 and over

Establishing a revolving business account with UGAC has allowed our company to acquire substantial amounts of computer equipment and software over the last ten years. The business to business account managers provides excellent professional customer service. Willing to go the extra mile to fulfill...

techvedic Technologies
1 Reviews

Service experience with Techvedic Technologies Pvt



Techvedic fix my laptop problems almost dead state.

AreaLas Vegas

CostLess than $250

My service experience with Techvedic Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a amazing one. One of the best if i compare My experience with other online tech service providers . The rep who received my case on the day, brought my laptop back to life from almost dead state. I was not able to turn on my laptop...

Magic Moving & Storage Inc
42 Reviews

Best in the business!



These guys protected my heirloom furniture with thick blankets and the hardwood floors from scratches. They made sure to damage the corners on my walls and paint.

Cost$1,000 - $2,999

AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!! This company is on the ball. We had a horrific and hectic week but, these movers made a stressful experience enjoyable. They arrived early, in clean uniform, well-groomed, and started immediately; no horsing around. What was even more impressive was their handling and...
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What It Costs

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