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All American Exteriors
17 Reviews

No Pressure Sales



Replaced a big window Added Shake Shingles Accents Put in a new patio door


We want to recommend All American for their services. Our project was pretty simple. We needed a large window replaced, a patio door and wanted to update the appearance of our home with shake shingle accents. We were very pleased with our options, the no pressure sales, and accommodating nature of...

All American Exteriors
17 Reviews

Roof done right



Put new roof and gutters on my house.

I was very unhappy after the last roofing company it was not done right and leaked sometimes. Now it is done the right way and I couldn't be happier my gutters work the right way also. Brian did a great job on explaining what they had to do and stuck to the contract word for word and even went...

All- Pets Hospital East Village
1 Reviews

Awesome staff


Kathy Berge and the staff from All Pets Animal Hospital are amazing people to go to for pet care. I am a very particular person when it comes to the care of my dogs. They are my family and at All Pets I found people who understood and cared as much as I did. When it comes to my dogs I believe it is...

Smokey Row Coffee
1 Reviews

My Favorite Coffee House in Town. Period.


I really enjoy the occasional treat of Smoky Row prepared Red Eye. Blue Truck is great as well. For lunch nothing is as tasty as a steaming Cheddar and Broccoli Soup served in a DELICIOUS Bread Bowl. Well worth the price. The kids all enjoy the many flavors of ice cream; cotton candy being an all...

American Automotive
2 Reviews

Best in Town


American Automotiveis a wonderful place to take any car that needs repairs. You people should be very proud of where you work and please give yourselves a pat on your backs for a job WELL DONE. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful group of people.
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What It Costs

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