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Law's Country Kennel
19 Reviews

Great place to kennel dogs


We have kenneled our dogs at other places but they have not been given the attention nor been able to exercise like they can at Law's. The place is always clean. Our dog has no fears when we return to Law's. He doesn't hesitate at all when we get there nor when they take him to his kennel.

Mchatton-Sadler Funeral Chapel
5 Reviews

Caring Staff


The staff provides great services with kindness and sympathy. I would highly recommend them to anyone I know in need.

Seasons HomeCare
2 Reviews



The staff at Seasons males sure the family is always kept in the loop and knows what is going on at all times.

Health Insurance Shop, Inc.
3 Reviews

Keeps costs down


I am especially grateful to Health Insurance Shop for “shopping” other options and helping us to keep our costs under control.

Eyecare Express Fort Wayne I
3 Reviews

Assistant manager eye care express


My name is Danni Jo. I am a new assistant manager at eye care express I also want everyone to know there is a new Store manager as well as a whole new crew. I have read bad reviews and am asking all of you for a second chance! The store has amazing customer service as well as a knowledgeable crew...
What It Costs

What It Costs

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