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Shamlin, Tasha C MD
1 Reviews

Caring Physician



Physical Weight Management

AreaBaton Rouge

Cost$500 - $999

Tasha really cares for her patients and listens to their concerns and needs. Would highly recommend as a general care physician

Kajun Martial Arts
15 Reviews

I Love Kickboxing




AreaSaint Amant

CostLess than $250

I have an upcoming wedding, so I needed motivation from a group class. This is one everyone should try. Between the stress relief and the total body workout, this is one amazing workout! I can't wait for my next class! :)

Jasons Deli
1 Reviews

Always great food



This restaurant provided lunch for my office one day and the employees who visited were very kind and courteous.

AreaBaton Rouge

CostLess than $250

I have visited this location in Baton Rouge a handful of times since moving here a few months ago. The restaurant is always clean and has great energy from the staff. Prices are about average for a fast/casual dining experience. Salad bar is organized and maintained to a high standard. The free ice...

Parker Orthodontics
2 Reviews

Great Choice



Parker Orthodontics helped me with a plan and provided me with excellent customer service to enhance my smile and rebuild my confidence.

AreaBaton Rouge

Cost$3,000 - $4,999

Made a discovery of such wonderful people on accident , saw a billboard thought it was another company and it wasn't but I had already made my consultation. So I decided to keep it. Went in for my appointment and feel in love I mean from the first step in the door bright beautiful smiles and...

Ltk Seafood
1 Reviews

THIS PLACE GIVES ME LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Food and Service Preparation

AreaBaton Rouge

CostLess than $250

The seafood here is amazing. I just moved back from living in San Antonio,Tx. for 7 years and I never was able to locate good seafood like that of this place. I missed all of their seafood immensely and one of the real reasons I wanted to get back to Baton Rouge so badly. I will never eat seafood...
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What It Costs

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