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Customers Kitchen and Bath
2 Reviews

Customers Kitchen & Bath | #1



cabinets, flooring & counters.


Cost$5,000 - $9,999

A friend recommended that I try Customers Kitchen & Bath for kitchen cabinetry as I embarked on a kitchen remodeling project. I tried a few places before and found that none met all of my needs (not enough variety, no personalization, etc.). I walked around large brick and mortar stores without...

Moving Relocation Systems
5 Reviews

This company saved us from a scam!



Moved from MA to Oregon. 3 bedroom.

Cost$3,000 - $4,999

I was moving to Oregon from MA. When I first spoke with this company, I had already hired someone else. Luckily, Moving Relocation checked them out for me, and it turned out, that the company I had hired, had gotten their license a few days after I paid my deposit. They were unexperienced etc....

Don Boy Promotion
13 Reviews

We thank you



Don Boy Promotion helped us market to our target audience and enroll adult professionals in our 2 day seminar workshop.

AreaNew York

Cost$3,000 - $4,999

They showed up late twice I was panicking but it was only 30 minutes and they made the 8 day campaign really fun interacting with consumers distributing our flyers and we passed our quota needed to have a successful seminar workshop. Thank you for good service.

Jamroe Cleaning Service
1 Reviews

The best cleaning service




AreaNew York

Great prices and amazing top of the line service! I've only used their service once but plan on it again.

Shipping Quest
22 Reviews

Great Company



Shipped our home goods back to UK

Had Shipping Quest ship my goods back to UK from Florida. Service was great, regular updates, fair price. Nothing was too much trouble. The whole service from start to finish was easy, no stress and everything arrived as stated. Updates and tracking was excellent Will use again Thanks ALL...
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What It Costs

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