Choosing a copy or print service

Let your print needs help pick your copy or print company.
From major print jobs to small copying needs, there are a multitude of printing and copying resources available in your area. Your choice of service provider will depend on the size and type of your job. The two most common printing processes are digital and offset.
  • Digital printing

  • Digital printing can be very cost-effective. Typically, the turnaround time is shorter than for offset printing and, thanks to continued technological advances, the quality is good.

    You can send your files electronically to a digital printer and can even get price quotes for your printing job online, anything from oversized prints for presentations to business cards and brochures. Digital printing is a good option if your printing job calls for a limited quantity (500 copies or fewer).

  • Offset printing

  • Larger jobs may require offset printing, the more traditional of the two methods. It is also the more expensive of the two, but it also offers higher-quality printing. Typically, offset printing is used for more comprehensive jobs that require greater quantities and those with more complex printing needs such as annual reports and corporate promotional brochures.

    Because printing costs can vary significantly from vendor to vendor, it's a good idea to get quotes from at least three different printers before you purchase any services. Always ask a sales representative to help guide you through the process to ensure the result is what you intended.

  • Making copies

  • So what if you just need several copies of a document? Print shops also can do the job, from color to black and white, at just about any quantity you may need. A good shop can both copy and collate for you.

    If you leave the job to someone else, always remember to provide very clear direction, and get a definitive pick-up time when your print job will be completed. You will sometimes have to pay for reprints if you make a mistake.


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