Choosing a driving school

How to find the right school whether you're learning or being more defensive.
Whether you're just getting your license or need to clean your driving record, there are several different reasons for enrolling in driving school.

Perhaps you want to take a defensive driving course for your own personal safety, or you're required to attend as punishment for a moving violation. Often, insurance companies offer rate reductions to motorists who complete a driver's education course. Whatever the reason, you'll find several accredited local resources to help put you safely behind the wheel.

What you can learn at a driving school

A quick search of our listings on will yield a number of driving instruction and defensive driving schools in the area. These driving schools offer instruction in:
  • Teenage driver education

  • Adult driver education

  • DUI/substance abuse education

  • Driving improvement & defensive driving

Driving schools often will provide vehicles for training purposes, so it may not be necessary to own your own vehicle to get instruction.

You'll want to check your state department of motor vehicles to make sure it is licensed by the state.

In many cases (such as a court-mandated driving instruction course), fees for driving instruction are set by law; a six-hour defensive driving course, for example, will cost about $75.

Many auto insurance companies will offer a discount on car insurance for drivers who complete a driver improvement course, which remains in effect normally for a period of three years.

Couples who have a joint insurance policy can take the course and can often qualify for a joint insurance discount.

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