Choosing a vocational or technical school

Find the right place to hone your specific career goals.

From acupuncture to animal training (and those are just the A's), vocational and technical schools prepare their students for specific career goals.

These colleges and institutes supply industries with qualified personnel for more career paths than can be named here, but if you can imagine it (writing stories for video game characters for example) it's likely there's a school that can teach you how to do it.

When applying to vocational or technical schools, contact the office of admissions for specific enrollment requirements. Programs at vocational and technical schools almost always take less than four years to complete, and some certification requirements can be fulfilled in a matter of months.

Class schedules often accommodate students who work full-time, and many colleges offer online courses. Once your program is complete, colleges usually will provide some kind of employment-locating assistance, but ask a college representative about all of these topics.

Vocational school programs

Here's a sampling of the programs, certificates and fields of study that many vocational schools offer:

  • Computer and electronics engineering

  • Computer drafting and design

  • Cooking

  • Fashion design and merchandising

  • Information systems security

  • Media production

  • Medical and legal administration

  • Modeling

  • Network systems technology

  • Visual communications

  • Web development

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