Do I really need to do those home repairs?

Putting off today's small maintenance tasks could result in more time and money later.

Perhaps the slow faucet drip that you first noticed a few months ago has reached a fever pitch. You've been meaning to take care of it, but you just haven't had time. Now that the drip appears to be escalating, you make a mental note to stop at the hardware store on the way home from work. But that trip never happens, and you tell yourself that you will fix it this weekend. The weekend comes and goes and the faucet drip lives another day, week, month...

Then one morning you drag yourself out of bed and head toward the shower that will blast you into the day. As you're shaking off the fog of sleep, you wonder why your socks are soggy. Uh-oh.

That faucet drip has now become a big problem. By neglecting a simple home repair, you are now faced with a plumbing emergency that will likely cost you dearly in both time and money. Not only will the immediate problem need to be taken care of, you may need to replace damaged cabinets and flooring. You are adamant that you will never let this happen again. Never! Until the next time you do.

The truth is that we all have things languishing on our to-do lists for what seems like an eternity. We know we need to fix the faucet, figure out why the fuse blows when we turn on the toaster and the microwave at the same time, and for heaven's sake unclog that bathtub drain. We know, but yet we don't do it. Somehow the sense of urgency gets lost in the blur of our daily obligations of going to work, taking the kids to the doctor, and giving the dog a bath, because, well - Bogey is starting to smell.

We know what we are supposed to do, but yet many of us procrastinate until that little repair has turned into a big mess. So how do we stop procrastinating over home repairs? If logic doesn't work, then perhaps a little fear will do the trick. The dripping faucet example above was a bit extreme, as most drips won't end up in a flood. But it could happen. If left untreated, small repairs can create much bigger problems - problems that will probably end up costing you much more than the initial repairs.

By taking care of small problems now, you will save money - perhaps a substantial amount - in the long run. You will also avoid the time and inconvenience of being forced to do major home repairs, and will have the peace of mind that your house isn't going to burst into flames when you start the blender.

Help is Available

If you don't have time to fix those nagging problems around the house, then hire a handyman or contractor to spend a few hours taking care of everything. You can find excellent handyman services on

Not all problems are as easy to identify as a dripping faucet or endlessly running toilet, and some of the problems lurking out of sight can cause the most formidable consequences. If you don't have the time or the expertise to inspect your home for hidden problems, hire a home inspector to come out once or twice a year. An inspector will check your foundation, roof, electrical systems, heating and air conditioning, plumbing and interior and exterior surfaces and inform you of any issues that need to be addressed. Take care of any needed repairs quickly. If you need motivation, please refer to the aforementioned soggy socks.

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