Finding an affordable apartment

Tips to help decide on a new place.
There are plenty of great apartments in your area. You just have to know where -- and how -- to look for them. Here are some tips.
    Know what you want
    The key to finding a great apartment is to know what you want and where you want it. Are you looking to live someplace trendy or low-key and quiet? Are you going to need a dishwasher or laundry facility? Will the apartment community need to accept pets? How much are you willing to spend?

    Find a list of apartments on Look at what each community offers in terms of amenities and rent and don’t forget to ask about discounts and/or monthly specials, too.

    Get help from an expert

    If you don’t have time to seek out the perfect place, you may want to enlist the help of an apartment locator. Locators can be an affordable and hassle-free way to find a new apartment.

    Keep in mind...

    Once you’ve found the perfect place, keep these few things in mind:

    • Keep your checkbook with you. When you see an apartment that looks good to you, you are going to have to decide and act quickly. Good places do not stay on the market long! People constantly lose good places due to indecision.

    • Collect all of your rental information before you visit your first vacancy. That way you have everything readily available.

    • Give yourself an edge over the next guy -- have a credit report with you. Landlords will be impressed by your organization and preparedness.

    • Dress and groom as though you are going to a job interview. In many respects it is the same. Landlords of really good units usually have their pick of several applicants. They are looking for someone both able and responsible enough to pay rent on time; people who will treat them and their property with care and respect; and quiet tenants who will not be disturbing to other tenant or neighbors.

    • Always keep your appointments and always show up on time. No-shows are a major source of frustration for building managers and landlords.

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