3 lawn care tips for a healthy winter lawn

Although winter allows you to take a break from the rigorous lawn maintenance routine required during...

Although winter allows you to take a break from the rigorous lawn maintenance routine required during the summer months, you can't afford to ignore your yard until springtime. Even when the grass is brown, it needs to be treated with care. Here are three projects that you should be tackling during winter to ensure a healthy lawn throughout the year.

Fertilize the lawn

The best time to fertilize your lawn is the end of fall or the beginning of winter. Since grass is drained of its precious nutrition during summer's harsh Atlanta heat, fertilizing it will nourish your lawn's roots throughout the wintry weather.

Clear the landscape

One often-overlooked tip is to keep your lawn free of physical objects. Remove anything including lawn furniture, heavy tree limbs or leaves. If left on your grass, physical objects can create dead spots and leaves can produce mold, which is harmful to your lawn.

Control the weeds

Bluegrass, dandelions and chickweed are common winter weeds, as are henbit, garlic and wild onion. Dandelions have to be dug up, while the other types can be controlled with herbicides.

In addition, avoid walking on your grass. Most people know to stay off a luscious green lawn, but they seem to think it's acceptable to walk on a brown lawn. However, continuously walking on winter grass can stunt the growth of the trampled areas.

While these lawn care tips can be do-it-yourself projects, you can also contact an Atlanta-area landscaper for professional services and additional lawn care tips.

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