4 Organic grass growing tips

If you've vowed to buy organic produce and stock your closets with organically-grown cotton clothing,...

If you've vowed to buy organic produce and stock your closets with organically-grown cotton clothing, why not take the green movement outside to your yard? Grow organic grass! If you have pets and small children playing in the yard, you can rest assured a chemical-free lawn is the best way to go.

1. Get a soil test. A local landscape company can take a small sample of your soil and determine what your yard actually needs to thrive. Then, you can choose organic options to keep the grass lush and green.

2. Use compost. At the start of spring and fall, rake organic compost over your lawn. Adding a 1/4-inch layer of yard and food waste you've composted throughout the year to the lawn adds trace minerals and nutrients to the soil.

3. Water naturally. Collect rain water to nourish your organic grass. This water will contain less chemicals than a city water supply that has been chemically treated with fluoride and disinfectants.

4. Mow infrequently. If you mow on a schedule simply to check the task off a to-do list, stop it. Only mow when the grass needs it. When in doubt, let it grow a little longer so the weeds don't get sunlight and thrive. Set your mower blade to the highest setting to reduce weeds.

If you don't have time to maintain your yard, give an Atlanta landscaping company a call. Start by asking if they offer organic fertilizers and natural lawn-care solutions. You'll be growing organic grass in no time.

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