5 trends in Atlanta garage doors for 2013

More and more garage doors are placed on the front of the house, necessitating options for impressive...

More and more garage doors are placed on the front of the house, necessitating options for impressive and diverse garage door options. In 2013, expect more color and design in the available garage door styles. Here are five trends in Atlanta.

1. Carriage-house style

One of the biggest new looks for garages is the carriage-house door. It features a barn-like door with large hinges, which were popular for carriage doors prior to the existence of overhead garage doors.

2. More color, less steel

Steel is one of the most popular materials for garage doors since it's low maintenance. But those who desire color are pushing away steel in favor of wood and aluminum. Steel has to be pre-painted, meaning varied colors require more inventory for manufacturers. Owners are often willing to sacrifice the low-maintenance steel material in order to get a color they prefer with a wood or aluminum door.

3. Design inserts

Design inserts also are becoming more varied. While sunset designs have been available for a long while, other options, such as grid patterns and different types of glass, are now becoming more popular.

4. Eco-friendly

With more and more homeowners choosing eco-friendly building materials, even the garage door is experiencing the trend. Recyclable building materials, like steel, as well as energy-efficient insulated doors are part of this trend.

5. Glass doors

Glass paneled garage doors, often with an aluminum frame, are becoming a popular way to show off your cars even with the garage door closed. This style is particularly popular in contemporary construction homes.

If your'e considering replacing your garage door to add curb appeal to your home, check these cost estimates to plan your project. And, for more information, consult an Atlanta remodeling professional.

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