5 ways to reduce feelings of stress at work

Work wouldn't be called work if it wasn't stressful at times. Although deadlines, quotas and goals can...

Work wouldn't be called work if it wasn't stressful at times. Although deadlines, quotas and goals can make you feel tense and agitated, take a few minutes to relax and calm yourself. These tips will ultimately make your day more enjoyable, productive and manageable.

1. Prioritize tough tasks

You're the least overwhelmed at the start of day. Use this time to tackle the most complex tasks. Getting a jump on things also gives you the entire day to work out problems or wait for correspondence--making the task overall less tedious.

2. Get away from the desk

On your lunch break get outside and enjoy that beautiful Georgia sun. Take a walk. Eat at an outdoor table. Or, use an extra long break to get a massage or squeeze in a quick yoga class. Time away from your desk helps rejuvenate you for the remainder of your work day.

3. Treat yourself

Did you meet a goal? Land that big sale? Make a customer really happy? Turn the good vibe into a reward for yourself. Treat yourself to your favorite lunch spot in lieu of eating a bagged lunch, ask your supervisor if you can leave work a few minutes early, or spend a few minutes of your lunch break doing some online shopping and splurging on a small gift such as a new tube of lipstick or set of golf tees.

4. Learn to breathe

Taking a few deep breaths signals your entire body to slow down. Feelings of nervousness related to stress will slowly ease, making you feel more calm. You can do deep breathing from anywhere, making it the easiest way to reduce stress.

5. Update your space

Whether your work in a cubicle, at a cash register or in a posh office, you can add a little personality to your workspace. Bring fun, colorful pens to work. Place photos of family and friends in your workspace. Or, treat yourself to a fresh bouquet of flowers on occasion. You can't help but smile at cheery daisies!

Do your feelings of anxiousness about work extend way beyond the 9-to-5 routine? It might be time to visit with your family physician for a professional assessment.

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