A Brazilian blowout: Pamper yourself this holiday

A Brazilian blowout is also known as a Brazilian keratin treatment or simply keratin straightening....

A Brazilian blowout is also known as a Brazilian keratin treatment or simply keratin straightening. It is the process of sealing keratin into the hair shaft by way of a hot iron. The keratin is put into the hair with a small degree of formaldehyde. You'll need to get this done a couple of days prior to a holiday event, since you aren't allowed to wash your hair for two days after the process. However, your hair will have months of silky smoothness afterwards.

What it Does

These keratin straightening systems work by pressing the keratin deep into the hair cuticle using a very hot iron. It works on any type of hair. When completed, the hair is straighter and has no frizz. If you are prone to frizzy hair and rely on serums as your hair product of choice, this will give you months of smoothness with no fuss. While completely straight hair is not guaranteed, it will eliminate most curls and waves in the hair.

What it Costs

There is an average cost of approximately $150 to $600 a treatment, depending on location and hair length. Some salons may add premium services and edge this total slightly higher. It will last three to four months, however.

Warnings and Considerations

In 2011, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about these hair treatments for their inclusion of formaldehyde. While the United States has not banned the treatment entirely, they do issue warnings. Consumers should always ask about the levels of formaldehyde in their keratin treatment. Many countries, including France, Canada, Ireland, and Australia have outright banned these straightening treatments.

Atlanta-area salons can give a professional Brazilian blowout, leaving your hair with shine this holiday season. Impress your friends, colleagues, and family with stunning hair at any seasonal function you may be attending. Set up your appointment today, and get the benefits of great-looking, great-feeling hair.

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