A landscaping service can help transform your jungle into a yard again

Summer is winding down, the kids are heading back to school and you're starting to think about your...

Summer is winding down, the kids are heading back to school and you're starting to think about your plans for the swiftly approaching holiday season. With so much on your plate, it's easy to forget the yard work. Be sure to include an Atlanta-area landscaping service in any plans you make. Professional lawn care can make even the most unruly yard a jewel of the neighborhood!

Landscaping service types

When most people think of landscapers, they tend to think of a group of guys who come out and cut your grass and maybe trim your hedges. And, actually, that isn't totally off base. Except that these guys do a lot more than just simply cut grass and trim hedges. Most landscapers offer clients a variety of services, including design, installation and maintenance of your lawn or garden projects.

Design and installation

A landscaping service can help you shape your yard into any number of designs, depending on your preference and/or budget. During this stage, you'll develop a design plan with your landscape professional and decide what features you want to add into your lawn or garden. Regional plant choice, water conservation techniques, maintenance schedules and materials cost should all be discussed and agreed upon during this stage. You and your landscaper can then set about making your dream yard a reality!


After you've decided what your new yard will look like and your landscape professional has helped to install your new plants and lawn or garden fixtures, you've got to stick to a maintenance plan. It'd be a shame for all the hard work you put in to go to waste because you weren't able to maintain it. Maintenance plans should include things like a fertilization and feeding schedule, mulching times, pruning and trimming needs and/or tree and hedge removal.

Whatever your lawn or garden project, there's sure to be a landscaping professional on Kudzu who can help you take your yard from concept to completion in no time!

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