Air duct cleaning: Do you know what lingers in your heating and cooling system?

You dust and vacuum your home routinely. You use an air purifier to reduce allergens. But what about...

You dust and vacuum your home routinely. You use an air purifier to reduce allergens. But what about your heating and cooling duct work and vents? These collect dust, pet dander, hair and dirt just like the rest of your home. If you've never had an air duct cleaning, it's time. Here's why!

1. Rodents and pests
Seasonal bugs and unwanted rodents can access your heating and cooling vents. By having your duct work cleaned once a year, you remove several potential allergens and odors including rodent feces, rodent urine and decaying organic matter.

2. Pet dander and fur
If you have pets, you know how much hair and dander your vacuum collects each time you clean your home. Just imagine how much pet waste is lingering in your duct work. Cleaning the ducts annually may help reduce allergic reactions, improve air quality and prevent a clogged system, which causes your furnace to work harder and use more energy.

3. Mold and mildew
Microorganisms such as mold and mildew can grow and thrive in your duct work, especially if you also vent a whole house humidifier through this same system. This buildup of moisture and a warm Atlanta day is a recipe for mold growth. A thorough air duct cleaning using antimicrobial liquid cleansers can remove mold spores and mildew.

Are you ready to improve the air quality in your home? Call an HVAC professional in Atlanta to give you a price quote on this cleaning service. You'll be breathing easier in no time!

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