Atlanta Home Show 2012: The latest and greatest in heating and air

As a homeowner, you owe it to yourself and your home to visit the Atlanta Home Show 2012. The Cobb Galleria...

As a homeowner, you owe it to yourself and your home to visit the Atlanta Home Show 2012. The Cobb Galleria Centre will be host to this year's fall event on September 21 to 23, 2012. The show will run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and from noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. There you will find the latest in technology and innovation to help make your house a comforting and inviting home. You won't be disappointed by all the great information presented to you. The best thing is that it's all under one roof!

Whether your heating and air system is old and outdated or in perfect working order, a visit to the Home Show is a must. Experts from product manufacturers will be on hand with wonderful product samples to show you what is currently available. Experienced installers and service company representatives will discuss how the newest equipment can benefit your home and how it should be installed and maintained.

Your home's heating and air system not only provides you with a comfortable environment, but it plays a major role in the condition of the physical structure of a house. If the materials that construct your home are maintained at the proper temperature and hydration levels, it can increase the life of your home. The Home Show is a great opportunity to discuss with the experts about the correct humidification products you need for your particular home. If you have wood floors, dry heating in the winter can cause your floors to separate and split. This will cause numerous problems for you and your guests. The experts can recommend the proper humidification system to give you the ideal humidification level for your home. You also should discuss dehumidification for the long and hot summer months in Atlanta. The excess moisture you experience in the South can create an environment that is perfect to promote the growth of mold. No one wants mold growth in his or her home, and the Home Show will have the solutions to help you avoid it.

Representatives will also be on hand to discuss indoor air quality (IAQ). The air quality that you and your family breathes on a daily basis is very important. The proper air filtration can help to alleviate allergies and decrease the amount of airborne illnesses that your family can fall victim to. There are many different types of filters and filtration systems, and they can be customized to your specific needs.

After your visit to the Atlanta Home Show 2012, visit Kudzu to find the perfect qualified HVAC company to meet your needs.

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