Atlanta water heater repair

Atlanta water heater repair and troubleshooting depends on whether your heater is gas or electric. Determining...

Atlanta water heater repair and troubleshooting depends on whether your heater is gas or electric. Determining whether there is a hot water heater problem is fairly easy. If the hot water no longer comes out of your tap or runs out more quickly than usual, you may have a hot water issue. You may also see standing water near the tank or hear a popping sound from the heater.

Once you decide there's a problem, you need to diagnose it or contact an Atlanta HVAC professional to do so for you. Most water heater problems with a gas water heater involve tank leaks, low hot water production, a water temperature that's too high or too low, tank noise or smelly or discolored water.

Leaks, noises and water odors are handled in much the same way across both gas and electric water heaters. However, water heater repair is handled differently when it comes to heating the water to the proper temperature.

For instance, gas water heaters are likely to have heating problems involving a pilot light that doesn't stay lit, water not being heated enough or not enough water being heated.

The temperature issues often point to thermostat problems, while pilot lights going out can point to clogged lines that cause not enough gas to reach the pilot light consistently. Gas control valves and gas line pressure can also be culprits. If these are suspected, contact an HVAC professional.

For an electric water heater, temperature issues are most often due to power interruptions or issues with heating elements or controls.

If there is a problem with the amount of hot water that doesn't involve a leak, you'll want to find whether mineral deposits are a problem. Hard water like that in the Atlanta area can cause these build-ups, which may also cause strange popping sounds from your water heater. Clearing out this build-up is possible for a do-it-yourselfer. However, if you hear a boiling sound in your heater, contact an HVAC professional immediately, as your water heater may be overheating, causing dangerous pressure build-up.

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