Baby proofing tips for the clever parent

Baby proofing your house is essential for keeping your child safe. Even if you have baby...

Baby proofing your house is essential for keeping your child safe. Even if you have baby proofed the obvious hazards in your home, like electrical outlets and windows, you could be overlooking common dangers. Fortunately, most child injuries are preventable by following some easy safety tips.

Securing electronics and other appliances

  • Secure flatscreen televisions to the wall with a wall-mounting kit. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 176 deaths occurred between 2000 and 2010 as a result of falling televisions.
  • Secure other types of TVs to the TV stand using zip ties. Make sure the stand is also secure. Securing the television to the stand will not prevent injury or death if the stand can still tip over.
  • Use zip ties to contain electrical cords, which are a strangulation hazard in addition to an electrocution hazard. Never leave laptop cords or phone chargers in reach of little hands.
  • Use locks on your oven and dishwasher. Not only can young children climb inside these appliances, but the door can fall on little heads and limbs, causing serious injury. Locked doors also eliminate a climbing hazard for young children.
  • Use a lock on your toilet. Children can drown in as little as an inch of water.

Preventing other household injuries

  • Turn down your water heater to a temperature of 110 F or less. Young children are at high risk for being scalded by hot water. Prevent burns by lowering your hot water temperature.
  • Keep trash cans out of reach inside a cabinet or closet. If you cannot put the garbage can away, keep it up and away from children.
  • Keep purses out of reach. You probably lock up your medicine cabinet, but common items kept in purses, such as medication and makeup, can also be harmful to young children.
  • Never leave your pets alone with your young children. Even the friendliest of dogs or cats can bite or scratch when frightened or provoked by a young child.

Baby proofing your home means more than just putting up baby gates and popping some covers on your electrical outlets. For more ideas on providing a safe home for your baby, contact an Atlanta-area remodeler.

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