Basement refinishing costs

Basement finishing costs in Atlanta vary based on a few factors: the current state of the basement,...

Basement finishing costs in Atlanta vary based on a few factors: the current state of the basement, the desired finishing materials and whether or not a bathroom is desired.

Basements are certainly not the standard in Atlanta, so most homes come with simple crawl spaces. However, if you have either an above-ground basement or a below-ground basement that is unfinished, you may want to consider increasing your home's living space and value by finishing the space.

Current state of your basement

Basement finishing costs in Atlanta depend on the current state of your basement space. You don't want to start out with any water issues or problems in your basement space. Adding expensive finishing materials and then having flood issues ruin them can be costly and frustrating.

If you have major water issues in your basement space, you'll want to contact an Altanta remodeling professional to assess and mitigate the issues prior to finishing the basement.

If your basement has only minor issues with moisture, you may be able to install a dehumidifier to take care of any moisture issues. With humidity in Atlanta, this will likely be required in any below-ground basement or a basement on ground level with creeks or lakes nearby.


If you plan to use the space for a rec room or additional bedroom, your finishing materials will be primarily framing and drywall, a project that can usually be completed by a professional for between $25 and $55 per square foot of space. However, if you're using the space as a wine cellar or other cold storage, you may consider brick or stone, which will be more costly.

As with any project, if you want more bells and whistles in your basement space, it will be more costly than the standard finishing project.

To plumb or not to plumb

One of the biggest decisions in a basement finishing project is whether to create or finish plumbing for a bathroom in the area. If you're using the space as a mother-in-law suite, guest suite or teen suite, a bathroom can be important. If it's a rec room for toddlers or young children, a bathroom can be essential. But with a bathroom, costs can be much higher, particularly if a sump pump is needed to pump the drainage up to the natural drainage site of the rest of your home.

Finishing a basement yourself is a big project and requires moderate framing, drywalling and finishing skill. Contact an Atlanta remodeling professional for more information on having your basement professionally finished.

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