Bathroom vanities: Choosing the right countertop

There are many types of countertops that you have to select from when putting in bathroom vanities....

There are many types of countertops that you have to select from when putting in bathroom vanities. There are stones such as granite and marble, tile, wood, laminate and a solid surface material. Your allotted budget, needs and lifestyle will be the main deciding factors on which to choose.

Stone countertops of granite and marble are beautiful and strong. However, they can stain and be pricey. Always check the total cost of a sheet of stone and see whether it will have the wash basin already molded into the stone or not. Many times this can add value to the appraised value to your home, so if you are seeking a higher resale value, opt for granite countertops.

Tile countertops are attractive and durable. Grout that holds the tiles together can get dirty or mildewy, which is a drawback. Cost is very mild compared to stone work, and there are many colors and textures that you can choose from. Tile needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it looking its best.

Wood is easy and attractive, but you'll need it to be well-sealed or it will rot. Maple is a good choice, and it is usually the same cost as laminate.

Laminate has good value and performs well; however, it can chip or crack if you aren't careful.

Solid surface counters are similar to stone but made with acrylic resin. They are pricey too, but there is very little maintenance to this material, and it has a high durability.

For any questions about your bathroom vanities and countertop choices, ask a professional Atlanta-area contractor. They are always helpful and ready to help you get just what you need.

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