Car maintenance checklist for spring and summer

Winter weather can be tough on your car, but extremely hot weather can be just as bad....

Winter weather can be tough on your car, but extremely hot weather can be just as bad. Make time for some basic pre-summer car maintenance to keep your car's engine running smoothly. Use this checklist as a guide when tuning up your car in preparation for the Atlanta summer.

Basic warm weather car care

  1. Avoid overheating: Have your car's cooling system flushed to remove blockages that can lead to your engine overheating.
  2. Give your car the fluids it needs: Check your owners manual or have your Atlanta area mechanic determine if an oil change as needed, and top off the transmission fluid, brake fluid and coolant.
  3. Let your engine breathe: Inspect your air filter for signs of blockage and replace the old air filter with a new one if needed. A blocked air filter will look black and sooty inside. If in doubt, compare your old air filter's appearance with a new one to see the difference.
  4. Let your car keep you cool: Most of these tips focus on keeping your car from overheating, but don't forget to take care of your car's air conditioning system so you can stay cool, too. Have your mechanic check the system for leaks and make sure the AC coolant is full.
  5. Keep the engine's inner parts turning: Don't wait until your car's belts break to have them replaced. Have your engine's belts inspected for signs of cracks and dry rot, and get them replaced at the first signs of wear to avoid a break down.
  6. Keep your engine's fluids flowing: Your car's hoses keep engine fluids flowing to keep the mechanical parts lubricated and cool. If the hoses crack, the fluids run out and your car won't keep running right for long. Like the belts, rotting and cracking hoses should be replaced at the first signs of wear to avoid a break down.
  7. Keep your car rolling: Have your tires checked for signs of uneven or excessive wear. Uneven wear on your tires' treads can be a sign your car is out of alignment, and excessive wear means it's time to get your tires replaced.
  8. Make sure you can see: Don't let anything impair your visibility when you are out on the road this summer. Now that you have the mechanical parts taken care of, install new windshield wipers if your old ones show any signs of cracking or decay.

Use these tips to reduce the risk of a break down that could interrupt your summer fun. For more information on these tips and other car care details, contact your Atlanta area mechanic.

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