Change your shower valves to give your bathroom a cheap and easy lift

Does your bathroom seem outdated or broken down? Do your shower valves look chipped or does the writing...

Does your bathroom seem outdated or broken down? Do your shower valves look chipped or does the writing on the valves seem smudged or rubbed off? This can make your home look more disheveled than you might like, but you can update your bathroom easily and cheaply by simply changing the valves in your shower. A great shower valve can make your whole bathtub or shower look fresh and new, which could potentially save you a ton of money on updating or upgrading your bathroom.

Shower valves control the heat and flow of the water in the shower, but they can look both decorative and utilitarian if you choose the right ones. Some shower valves have knobs, some have handles and others have levers that you move back and forth to adjust the hot and cold water. You can find a shower valve that looks bright and shiny for a more modern bathroom, one designed with porcelain for a vintage bathroom or one that looks burnished for a more rustic-looking bathroom.

Sometimes you might not know which shower valve will work best for your style of tub or shower. Some shower valves that are designed for clawfoot tubs or jacuzzis may not work for your standard system. Don't worry! Ask your local Atlanta plumber to look at your bathroom so that you can find out which valves can work for your system. Then you can either pick a shower valve out yourself or consult an interior decorator for another opinion.

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