Common auto paint problems that can cause serious damage

Auto paint is constantly exposed to a barrage of harsh elements that can cause damage. Common paint...

Auto paint is constantly exposed to a barrage of harsh elements that can cause damage. Common paint problems, if left untreated, can lead to serious and costly damage. The good news is that there are measures you can take to prevent serious problems and keep your car looking brand new.

Sun damage
Much like your own skin, your car's paint needs to be protected from constant exposure to the sun. Atlanta's hot summer sun can cause your auto paint to oxidize. The clear coat weathers, which can lead to dulling and serious damage of the actual paint color underneath. The simplest thing you can do to protect your paint from the sun is to park indoors as often as possible, especially when parking for long periods. Besides reducing exposure, the best way to protect your vehicle from the sun is by waxing it, which gives the top coat a protective layer against the elements.

Tree sap
While you may think parking under a shady tree will help avoid sun damage, if the tree produces sap then you may actually be setting your car up for even worse problems. Just wiping sap off will probably not be enough to remove it entirely. Instead, it's best to use a tar remover as soon as possible before the sap hardens. You can find a bug and tar remover at your local Atlanta auto parts store that will remove any residue.

Water damage
Besides wasting your car wash money, parking next to a spraying lawn sprinkler can actually cause damage to your auto paint. Minerals in the sprinkler's water can cause water spotting that can be difficult to get rid of just by washing alone. If your car has water spots you should take it to a professional car detailer for cleaning.

Cleaning supplies
Sponges, towels and other cleaning supplies can damage your car's paint if they're not clean when you're washing your car. Dirt on sponges and towels can create grit that will leave small scratches in your car's paint. Make sure to clean and replace your supplies often if washing your car yourself, otherwise take your car to an Atlanta area professional cleaner or detail shop that you trust.

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