Craft your mudroom to keep clutter and grime out of your home

Crafting a mudroom in your Atlanta home can save space, help you declutter and protect the rest of your...

Crafting a mudroom in your Atlanta home can save space, help you declutter and protect the rest of your home from mud, grime and even pollen.

Save space and declutter

Designing your mudroom to store all of your outdoor gear can save you a lot of space. Instead of a simple coat rack and shoe basket, consider building a wall cabinet. An organized cabinet can store all the gear you need when leaving the house: coats, shoes, backpacks and even sports gear.

Before you get started, determine what you want to organize in the space. Think about everything from seating for removing shoes to hooks for hanging backpacks.

If you have kids and enough space for a storage unit, consider an open locker plan to keep everyone's stuff in their own personal cubby. Store items that are used less often in the sections on top, coats and backpacks in long cubbies with hooks, and shoes and everyday use items in cubbies on the bottom. Try a built-in bench seat over your bottom cubbies to make it easy to remove and put on shoes.

If a custom wall unit is too pricey for your budget, seek out stand-alone furniture like entertainment centers or armoires that can suit your family's purposes. Or try wall shelving with baskets or storage boxes to divide the space.

Dirt barrier

Your mudroom isn't just about organization. It also acts as a barrier from dirt and Atlanta's infamous "green snow" of spring pollen. Keeping the dirt, pollen and even germs in your entryway can protect the rest of your home. A mudroom can also prevent toxins from lawn chemicals or insect spray from spreading throughout your home.

You'll want to consider using materials that allow for easy cleanup. Vinyl wallpapers or high-gloss washable paints are great considerations for protecting your walls. Flooring is probably the most important part of your barrier. If it's possible, install a sink and a floor drain for easy clean-up. If it's in the budget, install easy-to-clean, slip-resistant flooring. Otherwise, consider a rug that can protect your flooring and collect dirt. Bristle or rubber rugs work well.

Shoe storage is another essential part of your dirt barrier. Having a place for shoes just inside your main entry door can keep everyone from trudging through the house with grimy soles.

For more information on mudrooms and other remodeling issues, consult an Atlanta remodeling professional.

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