Duct work makes HVAC systems work

In Atlanta, it's important to make sure your duct work is operating correctly in the summer and winter...

In Atlanta, it's important to make sure your duct work is operating correctly in the summer and winter seasons. It's all about having a properly installed and maintained central heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The HVAC puts out air throughout your home by using ducts. Design and install ducts correctly in order for the HVAC to work right. The worst thing for someone in Atlanta's hot climate is to get too warm or cold during the seasons. If your HVAC is not working correctly, check your ducts. Below are some steps to take that could resolve those issues.

Notice leaks

Why: Leaking ducts are a source of uneven temperatures throughout your home. Leaking ducts can also cause your utility bill to go up. Also, your HVAC system may not run at its full capacity. If you have high humidity in your home, then check two things. First, your coils could be dirty, which can make air flow difficult. Second, you may have a leak in your return duct. Unfortunately, when you have return duct leakage, this can also result in dust and other things entering the air of your living space.

Who to contact for help: Call a licensed HVAC company to look at your duct system. The HVAC company can look at your equipment and assess what is going on. Unless you are familiar with ducts, I would leave it to the professionals to say that the problem is.

Tip: Loud furnaces and air handlers that whistle or sound like a wind tunnel mean that an improperly sized duct system could be the issue.

Notice size

Why: It is kind of like having oversized clothes that do not fit. Duct passages are sometimes oversized or undersized. Undersized ducts lead to low air flow. Low air flow can also occur from bends and pinches. Additionally, turns in the duct system can cause problems. Oversized or undersized ducts can increase air noises and impact how the HVAC system work. Oversized ducts cause low air flow and uneven temperature throughout your home. Also, oversized ducts impact how well the equipment runs.

Who to contact for help: Call a heating and air company to service your equipment and look at your system. If you are not familiar with ducts, do not touch anything and make matters worst. Also, be sure to read customer reviews to find a good, reputable company to help you.

Know purpose

Why: The main purpose of a good duct design is body temperature comfort. Good duct work should give you proper air distribution throughout your home. Good work should also save you money while heating and cooling your home. When the ducts are correctly made and installed, your energy bills are lower. The duct system will include supply and return ducts. There will be ducts and fittings. You will see insulation and sealants, as well. Additionally, the duct design will include boots and grilles. The registers, or vents, are a very important part of the duct system. The main purpose of the ducts is to supply conditioned air to each room throughout the house. Properly designed and installed ducts work best when sealed for proper air flow and to stop leaks.

Who to contact for help: A licensed HVAC technician can help you get to the root of the problem when it comes to duct issues. Be sure to ask friends and family for referrals for service. Also, ask the technician for customer referrals to make sure you are getting a quality contractor.

Know where it goes

Ducts work best in conditioned spaces in the south. Duct loss, which is a decrease in airflow pressure, will return the air to the inside of the conditioned space. When there is not a great deal of duct loss, it is okay to use a smaller air conditioner unit to lower expenses. Today, many homes are well-insulated, so the air vents are a few feet into the room on the ceiling. The upper-level return air vents are high, and the lower-level vents are placed low. Making sure that you are cool in the summer and warm in the winter means making sure that your duct design and installation are correct. If you know what questions to ask, it will help you know what to look for and who to hire for the job.

Who to contact for help: If all else fails, call to see if a contract HVAC technician or one from an HVAC company can come out and show you where ducts should go.

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