Energy efficient homes: How to prepare your furnace for winter in Atlanta

Warm days and chilly evenings mean winter is just around the corner in Atlanta. Are you thinking about...

Warm days and chilly evenings mean winter is just around the corner in Atlanta. Are you thinking about turning on the furnace? Before flipping the switch take a few minutes to prepare your furnace for winter.

Replacing the disposable furnace filter in energy efficient homes

At the start of the heating season, replace your furnace filter. This furnace accessory traps particles from the air - including dust, mold spores, lint and pollen - before the air is heated and circulated through your home.

If you have allergies, purchase a filter with a high filter performance rating (FPR), such as 1600, according to the University of Illinois Extension Office. Plan to check the filter monthly, and replace it every three months when in use.

Turning on the furnace for the first time

After installing a new filter, it's time to fire up the furnace for the season. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature, such as 71 degrees Fahrenheit, and get ready to make a few observations.

"The most important thing a homeowner can do is change their filter and observe the furnace as it is heating up. They should look for a yellow flame that is moving or dancing, pinging or popping as the furnace heats up and for rust build up in the base or burner area of the furnace," explains Dan Jape, CEO of Reliable Heating & Air in Atlanta.

"All furnaces should be checked with a combustion analyzer for proper combustion and all flues should be checked to make sure they are safe and have no rust outs and they are drafting properly," Jape commented.

Have you noticed any rust build-up? Is the air coming from your vents cool? It's time to call the professionals at Reliable Heating & Air for a through inspection and maintenance. These HVAC pros will check your high temperature limit switches for proper functioning, look for any signs of cracking or fatigue in the heat exchanger and give your furnace a clean bill of health so it can keep your family warm during the cool winter months. Energy efficient homes are only efficient when routinely maintenanced.

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