Estimating costs to repair a sidewalk in Atlanta

Tree roots, heavy foot traffic and rainy Georgia summers cause sidewalks to deteriorate in the South....

Tree roots, heavy foot traffic and rainy Georgia summers cause sidewalks to deteriorate in the South. When it's time to make repairs, assess the situation before tackling this project alone. Costs to repair a sidewalk can range from a few dollars for simple crack repairs to a few thousand dollars to replace several sections.

Step 1: Is this a patch job?

Are weeds littering the sidewalk and creating small hairline cracks? Then you're looking at a simple clean and patch job. Grab the gardening tools and clear away the weeds. Then dig out the dirt that fills the cracks. Finally, fill the space with concrete grout or outdoor expandable caulk.

This process will cost you a few minutes to a few hours depending on the number of cracks you need to repair and whether you need to make a trip to the hardware store for a tube of caulk or concrete grout. Each tube should cost just a few dollars.

Step 2: Renting equipment

If the sidewalk is raised, pieces are missing or the cracks cover a large area of damage on the sidewalk, you have a big project ahead. Here's a list of expenses to consider if you plan to replace a section of concrete:

  • Your time
  • Rental equipment such as a jackhammer and concrete mixer (Expect hourly rates around $50 per tool and daily rates a minimum of $200 plus deposit.)
  • Waste dumping fee at the landfill (This can range from $20 to $50 per truckload.)
  • Bags of concrete or concrete patch (Estimate $20 per gallon of premixed concrete patch or $15 per 50 lb bag of dry concrete mix.)

Expect to pay several hundred dollars and expend hours of physical energy to tackle a sidewalk repair.

Step 3: Calling a professional

If the sidewalk damage spans several sections or is beyond your physical capabilities, it's time to call a professional in the Atlanta-area. Although hiring a professional will cost approximately $5 to $9 per square foot of repairs (expect a minimum charge for smaller jobs), you're saving your time and energy by passing on this major property repair.

Tips: Before starting a major sidewalk repair, contact your city hall. Some communities require property owners to repair sidewalks at their own expense, share the costs to repair a sidewalk with the city or fully absorb the repair cost by sending a city crew to complete the repair.

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