Farmhouse kitchen sinks: Amazing, beautiful and timeless

Does your kitchen seem outdated and old? Your home might be due for an upgrade, but remodeling your...

Does your kitchen seem outdated and old? Your home might be due for an upgrade, but remodeling your entire kitchen can be time consuming and costly. Sometimes, you can make your kitchen look updated and fresh by replacing one of the main features, such as the kitchen sink. A new sink makes kitchen work enjoyable again, and will add a stylish flair to the room that can brighten up the entire space.

Beautiful, timeless sink

Kitchen sinks come in an array of styles, sizes and colors, but you don't want to install a sink that might go out of style in a few years. So consider a farmhouse sink, like those featured on Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens. So what makes this sink different from other sinks?

  • Deep well: Farmhouse sinks have a deep well. It is large enough for heavy dish duty and other kitchen tasks that require more space. For example, many people use farmhouse sinks when canning fruits and vegetables.
  • One compartment: Farmhouse sinks look like their namesake: spacious, deep sinks that usually have only one large compartment. Sometimes you can get a farmhouse sink with multiple compartments, but the traditional style utilizes only one sink well. Many people also install both a large farmhouse sink and a smaller utility sink in their kitchen, which can be really useful for tasks that require more than one area. Consider what you will mainly use the sink for, and whether a single or dual sink well will be more useful for your family.
  • Apron front: Farmhouse sinks are designed with a visible front and rounded edges, which can really add color and appeal to your kitchen.

Talk to a pro

Before you purchase any kitchen sinks for your home, make sure to talk to a certified plumber in the Atlanta area. A professional can inspect your kitchen to make sure that you have the right spacing and plumbing for the sink that you want to install. Sometimes larger sinks, like a farmhouse sink, will require a different type of piping than a standard sink. Your plumber can make adjustments to the plumbing if it looks like it needs to be altered, and can recommend a good, local remodeling professional to create more space if you do not have enough room for a farmhouse sink. Additional piping and counter work will increase the cost of your sink project, so it is always a good idea to get an estimate from your plumber before you buy a new sink. But, once your farmhouse sink is installed, the beauty and functionality it provides will all be worth it.

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