Fix clogged drains before you're knee deep!

Clogged drains can seem like a real nightmare...especially if the sinks, toilets or bathtubs begin to...

Clogged drains can seem like a real nightmare...especially if the sinks, toilets or bathtubs begin to overflow with nasty water. You can unclog some drains yourself using a plunger, but if one of your drains becomes too clogged, you will need to hire an Atlanta-based plumber to clear it. A professional plumber will have specialized tools, such as plumbing snakes, solutions and suction tools, that can wrangle out clogs and dissolve blockages in your drain.

You may wonder what you can do to prevent drain clogs. You can avoid some clogs by not pouring certain substances down the drain. These substances include clumping cat litter, products containing clay, flour or glue and paper products such as toilet paper or tissues. Using a drain cleaner regularly can also keep your pipes clear of blockages. Ask you local plumbing pro in Georgia which drain cleaner you should use and how often you should use it to keep your drains clear. Make sure to mention whether you have a septic system, as you should avoid using certain drain cleaners, dissolvers and highly chemical products of systems.

If considering unclogging your drains yourself, you might feel shocked by how much goop and debris come out of your clogged drains. Hair, residue and wet paper often sit and collect in drains for months, or even years, before you unclog the drains. Sometimes the unclogged blockages can also smell horribly foul. For these reasons, make the smart decision to hire a professional plumber to do the dirty work for you!

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