Fix dollar-spots to make your lawn lush and green

When you run and frolic across your lawn, do you end up stumbling over circles of dead or bare lawn?...

When you run and frolic across your lawn, do you end up stumbling over circles of dead or bare lawn? Does your lawn look as spotted as a Dalmatian? An infectious fungus causes these circles, called dollar-spots, making your lawn look spotty and ugly. Treat your lawn to bring it back to its full, lush appearance.

So, how do you treat a spotty lawn that looks more like Swiss cheese than grass? The first thing you should do is to apply a fungicide onto your lawn to kill the fungus that is causing the spotting. Then, regularly nourish your lawn by applying fertilizer and plenty of water. You can buy the fungicide and fertilizer you need at any garden supply store in Atlanta.

What if you don't know the first thing about treating a lawn? No need to worry! You can always hire Atlanta-based professional landscapers to treat and fix the dollar-spot fungal problem on your lawn. Hiring a pro is especially helpful if you travel often or do not have the spare time to keep up with the lawn care that's required to eliminate the fungus.

A patchy lawn makes your whole property and home look more disheveled and junky. You might even feel embarrassed to have people over because of how rough and ugly your lawn appears. However, once the bare spots vanish from your lawn as a result of treatment, you can once again enjoy your lawn and feel proud about how green and lush it looks.

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