Flooring trends for 2014 combine functionality with style

It's safe to say that your bathroom may be second only to your kitchen as the most-used...

It's safe to say that your bathroom may be second only to your kitchen as the most-used room in your home. Consider the following flooring trends for 2014 if you've been meaning to give it a total makeover starting from the bottom up.

Natural colors

In the past, bathroom flooring was predominantly white. But today you can choose from among a variety of more natural shades, ranging from off-black to natural concrete matte finishes. Try soft greens or blues along with tans to evoke a spa atmosphere. Combine natural pinks with tans to create a soothing yet vibrant ambiance.

Large tiles

This year's trend toward larger bathroom tiles means less work for you in terms of smaller grout lines and less overall maintenance. Flooring experts say many of today's customers are looking for tiles as large as 12 inches each. Those tracking industry flooring trends for 2014 expect the bigger-is-better mentality to prevail among home improvement shoppers throughout the year.

Heated floors

Formerly the purview of the well-to-do, heated floors are no longer considered a luxury item, particularly in bathrooms. Not only are heated floors less likely to create dust particles than conventional heating, they are less expensive to operate. Chalk it up to the recent Polar Vortex - or widespread efforts to conserve energy - but heated floors appear to be moving into the mainstream for good.

Ceramic flooring

Easy to clean and generally resilient, ceramic flooring is a popular choice in 2014. Some say it's making a comeback, while others say it never really went away and is just now receiving the respect that it deserves.

Textured flooring

An effective way to eliminate slippery floors while creating a luxurious look is to install textured flooring. Try stone tiles made of slate, travertine, granite, limestone or even marble for an opulent appearance.

In a nutshell, bathroom flooring trends for 2014 all combine practicality with style. This is not surprising given that consumers are excited to be leaving the recession behind them but are still keenly aware of its effects; they want to balance splurging with functionality. If you're looking to upgrade your bathroom with fresh, new tile, seek the services or advice of your Atlanta-area remodeling experts.

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