Garden supplies: What you can't live without

Your collection of garden supplies will prove to be the most important tools you'll need...

Your collection of garden supplies will prove to be the most important tools you'll need to create a show-stopping garden or striking landscape. If you're new to gardening, or just bought your first house, you may not know what you need to get your lawn in shape.

Soil, fertilizer, appropriate sunlight and irrigation options are obvious important factors to consider for your garden supplies, but another integral part of the equation are the tools you'll want to have on hand before beginning any gardening or lawn maintenance project.

There is an important question you need to ask yourself before beginning any gardening or lawn care maintenance effort: What kind of project am I about to undertake? For each effort, the answer will vary, although it's a good idea to have as many of these as possible included in our list on hand.

If you're creating raised beds, you need

  • Pruning shears: You can't do it without them. Pruning shears are a gardener's must-have for pruning back overgrowth and harvesting if you're growing veggies.
  • Garden spade: A must for aerating and general turning of the soil when it comes time to add nutrients and other additives.
  • Hoes: For the sake of your back and your arms it's a good idea to have both a short handle and a long handle so you can turn soil and remove weed growth with ease.

If you're planting a ground-level vegetable or floral garden, you need

  • Transplanting spade: It's a narrow-headed tool usually made with thinner metal and has a tapered tip. It's especially good for gardens because you'll be less likely to damage surrounding plants when working in tight spots.
  • Garden rake: Making a new garden or adding on to an existing one? This tool is the tops for leveling and clearing your soil.

For general lawn maintenance, you need

  • Leaf rake: If you're not comfortable allowing your leaves to naturally decompose and want to keep your yard clean and green come November, get yourself a leaf rake.
  • Edger: It's like icing on top of a cake. Edging your yard creates an unmistakably neat appearance.
  • Long-handled pruners: When branches from trees are encroaching on overhead power, telephone or cable wiring, or your home, long-handled pruners will get the job done. Just be careful not to hit the power lines!
  • Aluminum ladder: It is light and easy to move around; it works in conjunction with the long-handled pruners.
  • Hedge clippers: To keep the bushes at bay.
  • Wheelbarrow: For moving bush clippings, mowed grass or strange, unwanted objects you recently dug up.
  • Lawnmower: If you've got a relatively small space to cover (less than half an acre), a push mower will take care of your grass just fine. If the land is more than three-quarters of an acre, look for a good riding lawn mower to save yourself time and energy.
  • Hoses and sprinklers: Standard hoses, soaker hoses and a lawn sprinkler are good to have in your arsenal of garden supplies, especially during a dry season.

These garden supplies are just a start. Contact an Atlanta-area professional landscaper for more advice and information.

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