Gas grills and other easy updates to make your patio fabulous this fall

Fall is here, and with it comes your final chance to enjoy your garden before the cold...

Fall is here, and with it comes your final chance to enjoy your garden before the cold weather arrives. These easy updates for your Atlanta outdoor living space will make it more comfortable for watchingfootball and other family activities.

Cook hot pots on gas grills

Prepare a delicious fall hot pot over the gas grill for your familywhile you relax around the fire pit. The best grill for this type of meal is one that has an individual side burner that's separate from the rack, where you can leave a cast-iron pot bubbling away for hours while the flavors mingle. October is the best time of year to buy gas grills because retailers are actively trying to deplete surplus summer stock, so you can get yours at a good price.

Warm up the patio

Warm up your outdoor area with a gas patio and garden heater. These come in a range of shapes and sizes, and usually operate using liquid propane for fuel. Most models have wheels and a handy ignition switch so you don't have to struggle to light or move them. Position the heaters close to your seating area so guests can be sheltered against harsh winds and icy blasts.

Take the TVoutside

Watch sports and movies while enjoying the gorgeous fall weather by building an enclosure for your television that protects it from the elements. Use a rear-projection television to reduce glare for daytime viewing. To create an outdoor home theater on a budget, place your TV on a low table or stand and erect a small tent around it that you can close if the weather changes.

Build a fire pit

Make your fire pit a feature area by contracting a patio builder to erect it in the main area of your patio, by building a pit made from brick or stone. Giving it broad, level sides will make it possible for you to enjoy it year round by covering it with a circular countertop in summer so it can be used as a table for drinks. In winter, it provides a perfect way to keep your guests warm while they wait for the food you're cooking.

Create sides for the patio

Install drop-down sides for your outdoor patio to protect your guests and equipment from strong, cold winds. Fasten sheets of heavy canvas or plastic to the patio overhangs using nails, and roll them up when you aren't using them to protect them from the elements. When you drop them down, they provide a measure of shelter from the weather.

Make the most of your outdoor space with a little creativity, quality gas grills and some basic home improvement materials.

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