Georgia Zones for Grass

A bare or spotty lawn can make a house and property look much less valuable than it is.

A bare or spotty lawn can make a house and property look much less valueable than it is.  Seeding the lawn with grass seed helps you fix a lawn covered in empty or dead patches, but what grass type is best to use? Try seeding the lawn with grass seed to suit the Georgia zone and biome that you live in. Selecting the right seed type for your lawn ensures that your lawn will end up lush and full.

Find Your Zone

For zones six and seven, you can successfully grow a lawn using Ryegrass, Bluegrass or Fescue grass seed. For zones eight through 12, try using Bahiagrass, St. Augustine, Zoysia or Carpetgrass grass seed.

What grass type you choose should also depend on the biome where you live. Native-Buffalo grass seed works well in Appalachian mountain zone six but will not grow well in zones nine or 10. Grass seed that can take both heat and moisture, such as Centipede, does better in the hot, moist climate in zones 10 through 12.

If you are unsure about which biome or zone you live in, contact a lawn care specialist in your area. If you have the money to do it, hire landscapers to seed your lawn for you. If you want to save money and seed the lawn yourself, lawn care specialists can help you pick out the right seed type.

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