Green coffee beans and other summer weight loss trends

Green coffee beans are the hot summer weight loss trend of the season! Find out how...

Green coffee beans are the hot summer weight loss trend of the season! Find out how coffee can help you lose weight along with even more proven weight loss tips.

Losing weight with coffee

  • Take extract made from green coffee beans. Green coffee extract is made from unroasted coffee beans. Unroasted coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which recent research indicates aids in weight loss.
  • Drink regular coffee instead of sugary or high-calorie drinks. With just a few calories per cup, coffee offers you an energizing beverage without all the empty calories of soda.
  • Drink plain coffee without any added cream or sugar. Skip specialty coffee drinks, which are also full of sugar and fat.
  • Try coffee as a drink after a meal to reduce cravings. Coffee is an appetite suppressant, so prevent yourself from overindulging by having a cup.

Other summer weight loss trends

Coffee isn't the only way to facilitate weight loss. Here are some other things to keep in mind during the heat of summer.

  • Make sure you never leave your house without water. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger. You will feel less hungry and therefore will be less tempted to overeat if you are properly hydrated.
  • Take a multivitamin. If your body is missing out on any essential nutrient, you are more likely to have cravings. Prevent cravings by filling in the missing pieces in your diet with a daily multivitamin.
  • Stick to a set bedtime. Not only are you more likely to consume excess calories the longer you are awake, but sleep deprivation has also been linked to weight gain. Get the recommended six to eight hours of sleep nightly.
  • Turn off the lights. In addition to getting enough sleep, your body also needs a well functioning circadian rhythm to maintain a healthy weight. Use blackout shades in your bedroom to achieve proper darkness. Turn off light-emitting devices including cell phones, before you hit the sack. Even just peeking at your lighted screen before you go to sleep can mess up your circadian rhythm.
  • Beware of weight loss trends that sound too good to be true. And run any plans by your doctor before you start taking new weight loss supplements.

For more weight loss tips or to start a weight loss regimen, contact your local Atlanta physician.

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