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Home interior paint color trends 2014 were inspired by the seashore and other natural...

Last year was all about soft, sea shore hues and simple pastels. Home owners tended towards a feminine palate and watered down candy colors. This year, color makers are going with a wide range of instincts. Here’s what we’re seeing.

Jewel Tones
Brands like Ralph Lauren and Behr have launched their paint collections with gorgeous, bold jewel tones.


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From velvety purples to regal emeralds, rooms are getting a bold pop of color with a sophisticated edge. These colors are anything but subtle, but they’re still extremely refined. Mixed with heavy draperies, jewel colors will make any room look opulent. Be careful to stay away from straight primary colors and basic hues so your living room doesn’t feel like a kid’s play area.

Neutrals seem to be popular year after year because they’re so easy to deal with. Realtors recommend a neutral palate while selling a home, so many home owners feel safe with this palate. This year, however, we’re seeing more farm house tones than straight-up beige. Tan has become a little passe, so if you want something safe, try mocha or peach instead of the same tedious sandy tan.

So pastels are still in, but the trick this season is to pair a pastel paint with a bright, high-gloss white molding for a classic look.

Another way to approach neutral is to go with different shades and tones of grey. Try a dark, purpleish grey for the dining room, a bright, silver grey for the kitchen and a medium blue grey for living areas. This look is cohesive, modern, and simple enough for resale. You can basically paint grey throughout the whole house without looking stale.

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