How a modulating variable speed high efficiency furnace benefits Atlanta homeowners

Shopping for a new furnace? If you want to spend less money on the utility bill and choose a super-efficient...

Shopping for a new furnace? If you want to spend less money on the utility bill and choose a super-efficient appliance, check out modulating variable speed high efficiency furnaces.

This new style of heating has an efficiency rating of 95 percent, according to CEO Dan Jape at Reliable Heating & Air in Atlanta. Plus, it's the best option for folks living in the South--where a 12-hour temperature swing can make it feel like spring during the day and winter in the evening.

The old stand-by single stage, two-stage or three-stage furnaces simply aren't the best option anymore.

"A single stage furnace is either on or off and anytime the furnace is on, it puts out the maximum amount of heat possible. This design works okay for very cold climates. But in climates like Atlanta, where the temperatures can vary drastically from moderate to extreme cold, it is not the best choice," Jape noted in one of this company's blog posts.

So, think efficient. Modulating variable speed high efficiency furnaces are perfect for Atlanta homeowners because of the following:

1. The furnace has unlimited stages. This makes it simple for the system to keep your home within plus or minus one degree of your thermostat setting at all times. This means no more chilly mornings or overly warm afternoons.

2. The blower motor and fan work on a variable speed setting, making the electrical cost of a gas-powered furnace approximately $30 to operate for an entire year.

3. The furnace operates on a wireless communication system with the dealer who installed the unit. This means an HVAC technician will keep tabs on your maintenance schedule and notify you when service is needed.

"This feature is the start of the wave of the future in home appliances to be part of home automation systems and to be interactive with the owner and the servicing dealer," Jape explained. "The furnace also has an integrated dehumidification feature that will help remove extra moisture in the summer."

Ready to lean more? Give Reliable Heating & Air in Atlanta a call for a consultation.

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