How much does radiant floor heating cost? Plus 4 more bathroom luxury must-haves

Are you remodeling your master bath into an opulent at-home getaway? Stay extra cozy on...

Are you remodeling your master bath into an opulent at-home getaway? Stay extra cozy on chilly mornings by indulging in these heating options, including radiant floor heating, a steam heat shower or heated towels racks.

1. Floor heating: A bed of coils, tubes of heated water or heated air pockets are installed under your flooring to radiate heat into the room.
How it works: Choose radiant floor heating with a programmable thermostat. Tell the system to start warming the floor 30 minutes before you use the bathroom. As a bonus, radiant heating is energy efficient and doesn't distribute airborne allergens like forced-air heat.
How to get it: Expect to pay $6 to $12 per square foot for the heating system, supplies and installation fees. If you aren't remodeling, add the expense of a new floor to the budget if there are no access panels between the layers of subflooring. Depending on the type of new flooring you select, budget $1 to $5 per square foot. Since floor leveling, new sub flooring, cement board or repairs may be needed, budget for up to an additional $5 per square foot for new flooring installation.

2. Radiant shower heating: Slip into the shower and feel heat before water touches your skin. Radiant shower heating warms the shower surface and air.
How it works: The system is installed in the walls of your shower and heat permeates the tile to create a warmed enclosure.
How to get it: This is best installed during a shower remodel and costs $6 to $12 per square foot installed.

3. Heated towel rack: This bathroom fixture warms towels.
How it works: Heating mechanisms in the ladder-shaped rack use steam or electric heat to warm the fabric.
How to get it: Expect to pay $300-500 for the unit. Hire a plumber (steam-based) or electrician (electric-based) and a contractor for up to four hours of installation time.

4. Steam heat: A mist of warm steam flows around your body before your shower.
How it works: This is a great way to dilate pores when exfoliating the skin or relax sore muscles.
How to get it: Install this feature at the same time as radiant shower heating to avoid damaging the shower walls to hide the steam generator, which is the size of a bread box. A new shower installed with a steam heat feature is approximately $2,500.

5. Shower heads: The faucet above you in the shower is the shower head. Swap out basic hardware for a fancier option.
How it works: Try a rain-style head or multiple wall jets to give your body more coverage during your shower.
How to get it: Rain shower heads start at around $50, while a jet system can cost $400 or more uninstalled.

Contact a local flooring company in Atlanta for a consultation. Your dream bathroom awaits!

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