How to avoid car theft

Effectively preventing car theft while parking in a metro area like Atlanta depends on precaution techniques,...

Effectively preventing car theft while parking in a metro area like Atlanta depends on precaution techniques, such as parking behavior and technological safety measures.

Parking behavior

Park your car safely, particularly if you're parking in downtown Atlanta or an unsafe area.

  • Park in lit areas: Thieves can be deterred by visibility, and you'll be safer when returning to your parked car.
  • Use patrolled lots: Car thieves are less likely to hit cars in a parking lot with a security guard on patrol.
  • Don't park near exits: Cars parked nearer to the exit of a lot or garage can be stolen faster.
  • Keep doors locked and windows rolled up: Even if you're parking near or at your home, keep your windows up and doors locked as either can make car theft easier.
  • Keep valuables out of sight: Obvious valuables like purses, laptops and cameras should be kept out of sight. But be wary of leaving valuables in the trunk since trunks are easy to access.
  • Keep spare keys and registration away from your car: Spare keys under the car can allow thieves to gain easy access, while registration information can help a thief steal your identity as well as your car.
  • Never leave your car running while unattended: Even during winter months, don't leave your car running while you wait for it to warm up. Your car can be stolen easily if left running and unattended in your driveway.

Theft prevention technology

Certain theft prevention devices and even simple alterations to your car can help prevent car theft.

  • Install a visible, audible car alarm: A visible or audible car alarm can dissuade thieves. Some alarms can even alert the police or immobilize the vehicle if it's stolen.
  • Immobilize your car for long-term storage: If you'll be leaving your car parked and unattended for a long period, disconnect the battery. While it's not fool proof, most thieves won't take time to find out what's wrong with the car in order to steal it.
  • Install a triggered vehicle immobilizer: While thieves can hot wire a car to bypass your keys, vehicle immobilizers, such as a fuel shut-off or smart keys, can circumvent hot wiring.

For more information on car theft and other automotive issues, contact an Atlanta automotive professional.

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