How to fix a leaky toilet tank

Fixing a leaky toilet tank yourself is definitely doable, if the leak is minor. However, if you have...

Fixing a leaky toilet tank yourself is definitely doable, if the leak is minor. However, if you have a major leak involving replacing the wax ring between your toilet base and floor, you may want to consult a professional.

So, the first step is determining if you have a leak. Food coloring or specialized tablets dropped into the water tank of your toilet can let you know if water is leaking between the tank and the bowl of your toilet. This leak is one of the most common and, luckily, one of the easiest leaks to remedy.

If the guts of your toilet (the float, float arm and valve inside the tank) are relatively old, you may want to start by purchasing a kit for the entire tank assembly and replacing everything in the tank. These kits cost between $25 and $40 at most metro Atlanta home improvement stores. If you have isolated the leaky toilet tank a bit more, you can replace only the float assembly, just a leaky valve, etc.

Particularly in the Atlanta area, where summertime temperatures are extreme, the rubber parts of the tank assembly can warp and crack over time. Replacing the assembly all at once, even if you know the problem is isolated, may be your best bet to keep your toilet running smoothly for any span of time.

If your leak is a bigger issue, such as the wax ring between the bowl and floor leaking, you'll likely want to contact a professional Atlanta plumber. Getting that seal right is critical for the proper functioning of your toilet.

Regardless of whether the leak is big or small, any plumbing leak can be costly due to the high price of water in the Atlanta area after years of drought. Bumping your water consumption into a higher-than-normal residential usage range is expensive. The cost of fixing the leak quickly yourself or through a plumber can often be less than the cost of allowing the leak to persist and paying higher water bills.

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