How to install a pre-built backyard shed

In Atlanta, backyard sheds are a great investment. You spend so much time outdoors pruning and trimming...

In Atlanta, backyard sheds are a great investment. You spend so much time outdoors pruning and trimming the foliage, and a backyard shed can help you house all your lawn gear and keep it from cluttering your garage.

For a shed in your backyard, you first need to consider location. Consider consulting an Atlanta landscaping professional to level the area or guide placement of your shed. The shed will need a completely flat and square foundation, so find an area large enough and flat enough (or that you'd be willing to flatten) for your shed.

Stake out the area and two feet around the area. Remove all grass and debris from that staked section of your yard. Make sure the area is completely level. You can do this by placing a board and level along sections of the yard along the perimeter and interior of the square. Once you've checked the level, cut out any high spots and cover the area with a weed guard, such as plastic sheeting.

Once the plastic is down, cover it with gravel. Then you'll need to decide between a wood foundation or a concrete one.

Once you've prepared the area, build your foundation:

  • For wood, take the dimensions to your local lumber supply store and order the appropriate amount of lumber for the job.
  • Install 4 x 4 posts in the corners, set in concrete. Once the concrete has set, build the center of the wood foundation.
  • If you've chosen a concrete foundation, pour about 4 inches of concrete in the staked-out square.

At this point, you'll put the pre-built shed together from your shed kit on top of either the wood or concrete foundation, following the manufacturer's instructions.

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