How to lose weight and have fun with fusion workouts

If your workout routine has become, well, routine, it's time to mix it up. Learn how to lose weight...

If your workout routine has become, well, routine, it's time to mix it up. Learn how to lose weight and love working up a sweat by giving fusion fitness a try. This new approach to exercise has women all over Atlanta slipping on yoga pants and burning calories--with a smile!

What is fusion fitness?
Imagine mixing your favorite exercise with a recreational activity, and you've got fusion fitness. For example, disco yoga combines the stretching poses of yoga with peppy 1970s music. Or, sign up for a spinning karaoke class. Yes, you'll be singing and riding a stationary bike at the same time. Fusion fitness classes are a new approach to working out and losing weight. They are meant to be fun, invigorating and inspiring so you'll stick to a workout schedule.

Where can I do these?
Fusion workouts are popping up all over town. In addition to fitness clubs and community centers, fusion workouts have migrated into sports bars and school gyms. Don't be surprised to hear about yogalates (yoga and pilates) or piloxing (pilates and boxing) the next time you visit your local fitness center.

Or, get creative and create your own fusion workout at home. Try mixing your aerobics workout DVD with your favorite Latin-based Zumba music. Or, turn your backyard pool into your go-to place for strength training. Do crunches by anchoring yourself to the pool wall with your calves and buttocks. Then, go for a swim with waterproof arm weights to stretch.

Benefits of fusion workouts
The whole point of mixing up your exercise routine is to learn how to lose weight in a fun environment that makes you want to exercise. If your current fitness program doesn't work, it's probably because you aren't doing it often enough. Period. Find a workout you love, and it will reward you with a healthy body and improving figure!

As a bonus, fusion workouts are a great exercise option for mothers-to-be. Combining a few stretching yoga moves with the buoyancy of swimming can make burning a few calories less difficult with a growing belly.

Before starting any new workout, talk with a physician in Atlanta to make sure you're healthy enough to take on a new challenge. An increase in physical activity may also require making an adjustment to your medication dosages.

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