Install slate roofs for beauty and strength

Most people save money by using asphalt shingles on their roofs, but inexpensive materials like these...

Most people save money by using asphalt shingles on their roofs, but inexpensive materials like these can weather and peel off more easily than other stronger materials. For example, although slate shingles seem more costly when used on a roof, slate roofs become less expensive over time because of their durability and strength. Consider having slate roof shingles installed on your home by hiring an Atlanta-based roofing professional who understands the special weather and climate conditions present when living in the South.

Professional roofers in Georgia can use specialized tools and materials to attach slate shingles, a type of smooth stone that looks medium to dark gray in color. This means it becomes important to hire a roofer who has a lot of experience working with slate and installing roofs using slate shingles. Slate roofs become very heavy, so have your pre-existing home inspected thoroughly to make sure it can withstand having a slate roof bearing down on top of it.

When you use slate shingles as a roofing material, you also have an added benefit of fire- and weather-proofing your home more than other roofing materials. The slate stone shingles on slate roofs do not catch fire and do not blow away like asphalt or cedar shake shingles, making your home as safe as possible when you live in tornado-heavy areas like those found in the South.

Whether you want to install a slate roof for beauty or for durability, make sure to hire a pro to properly install the slate roof to your home.

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