Is Balayage safe for your hair during pregnancy?

Do you crave sun-kissed hair that looks perfectly highlighted? This latest craze in hair coloring techniques...

Do you crave sun-kissed hair that looks perfectly highlighted? This latest craze in hair coloring techniques is called Balayage, a French method that allows your hair to look like it has natural layers of highlighted color. Color is applied to the hair in a free-form manner, meaning that a color stylist uses different brushes to paint the product directly on strands. Multiple shades are often used to layer the color, which gives the hair depth and texture. This method eliminates the need for foils or caps, and produces an ombre fading effect that looks youthful and natural.

Is it safe?

Hearing all of this, you might want to go out and pamper yourself with a Balayage treatment right away. However, if you are pregnant, you might wonder if this type of hair treatment is safe to do. The good news: it is! Since the hair color only touches your hair and not your scalp or face, you no longer have to worry about the toxic effects of the chemical hair color on your baby. Better yet, ask your hairstylist about using more naturally-based hair color to create the ombre look. Manufacturers now produce non-toxic and organic hair color that salons can use during Balayage treatments, so you can have fantastic looking hair during your entire pregnancy and not even think twice about it.

Special considerations

If you have an allergy to hair dye or chronic asthma, talk to your Atlanta-based doctor before having a Balayage treatment or any other hair coloring. Although the process is safe during a normal pregnancy, your preexisting allergies or asthma may still cause you to react to chemical hair dye. Your doctor can tell you whether you still might be a candidate for the ombre hair highlighting and if you should go with the organic hair color instead of the standard variety.

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