Is it time to fire your gynecologist?

There is no reason to continue scheduling appointments with a doctor that makes you feel...

There is no reason to continue scheduling appointments with a doctor that makes you feel unhappy, frustrated, depressed or belittled--especially when it is a gynecologist.

Do not wait for a major move to a new city or a new health care plan to find a doctor that makes you comfortable. There are plenty of OB/GYN professionals that would love to have you walk through their clinic door. You know it is time to make a change when:

  • Your doctor is uninterested. If you bring up a new concern, such as a family history of pre-term labor or gestational diabetes, and your gyno does not comment or give you feedback, it is time to issue a pink slip. Your health concerns should be the focus of each visit.
  • You need specialized care. If you are in a high-risk pregnancy category due to a chronic health condition, age or weight, seek out a specialist. The gynecologist you've seen since college might not be qualified to handle your needs when you decide to get pregnant.
  • Your birthing choices have changed. If you're pregnant and exploring alternative birthing options, such as a drug-free or water birth, and your gynecologist isn't supportive or willing to assist, it's time to shop for a doctor that shares your vision.
  • You never see your doctor. Some medical practices try to juggle too many patients. If you see a different nurse each visit, and rarely touch base with your doctor, it might be time to find someone who can focus on you more closely.
  • Your doctor isn't into the current trends. If you ask your doctor about prenatal yoga, a new form of birth control or alternatives to getting an epidural, and your doctor does not have suggestions, it might be time to make a change. You want to work with a gyno that stays current on new technologies and trends.

So, are you ready to make a change? There are several local Atlanta OB/GYN practices that can assist you with routine checkups, birth control questions, starting a family and guide you through a pregnancy. Start doctor shopping today!

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