Is your bathroom vanity safe from the blahs?

Remodeling the bathroom adds value to your house while also making your home life more comfortable and...

Remodeling the bathroom adds value to your house while also making your home life more comfortable and enjoyable. A new vanity is often a big part of bathroom remodeling projects because it can add visual impact and utility. While current vanity trends focus on creating a clean look and providing convenient organizing spaces inside of cabinets, they still manage to bring the "wow factor" to remodeled bathrooms.

Clean lines for vanities

Many modern bathroom vanities are designed to create a clean, simple profile for the bathroom while creating a personal space for inhabitants to share.

Modern vanity features include:

  • inner electrical sockets
  • plenty of sleek countertop space
  • smooth lines on the doors and side panels
  • dual sink basins with plenty of counter space between them

Easy vanity organization

Another vanity style trend is organized space. This goes along with the desire for clean lines. And instead of large open spaces under the sink that do not do much other than create homes for spiders, modern vanities help homeowners make use of the space below the sink by featuring a series of shallow drawers that provide ideal spaces for storing small bathroom items safely out of sight. Also, keeping outlets out of sight below the sink basin means you end up with an uncomplicated, organized and relaxing space.

Personal Space

A third trend in vanities, dual sinks, gives couples personal space in the bathroom. While his-and-her dual sinks have been around for a long time, they slipped out of popularity for a few years. Well, they're back and for good reason! They let couples have their own area for toiletries. That means no more fighting over how the toothpaste tube is rolled, or unrolled, and no more searching for items your partner has moved while rummaging through other objects.

When you're ready to add some new touches to your bathroom, hire a certified Atlanta remodeling professional by checking out the company's reputation. A professional remodeler can help you style and determine the cost of adding some flair to your bathroom vanity.

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