Lacquer paint: Tricks to making furniture sparkle

Does your lacquer-covered furniture look chipped, peeling or disheveled? Although lacquer paint may...

Does your lacquer-covered furniture look chipped, peeling or disheveled? Although lacquer paint may appear too difficult to repair yourself, a professional interior decorator or painting technician in the Atlanta area will use perfectly matched lacquer paint to touch up and repaint your furniture. This will give your favorite furniture a new, fresh look and saves you from having to spend money to buy new furniture that does not look cracked or weathered.

When you hire a Georgia-based painter or decorator, she will inspect your furniture and take small samples of the lacquer paint so that she can perfectly match the color. Then, a painting pro will apply the lacquer paint to your furniture using specialized tools and equipment to give the furniture a finished, showroom-quality appearance. Going with a professional means that your furniture will not look like a piece of cheap, hand-painted folk art when finished!

Suppose you have a piece of furniture that does not match the rest of your home decor. Repainting your furniture using lacquer paint could enable you to make use out of a good piece of furniture while maintaining the uniformity in your home. Some people even apply lacquer onto used furniture purchased from a thrift store or garage sale to create new-looking pieces for their homes or to sell at a market or store.

If you do try to apply lacquer-style paint yourself, make sure to do so in a well-ventilated area and make sure to wear a face mask and rubber gloves. This protects you from breathing in paint fumes and from touching the strong lacquer.

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