Liquid sandpaper lets you save your energy for other things

It's not fun to paint something, then see the new paint peel off shortly after it dries. That's part...

It's not fun to paint something, then see the new paint peel off shortly after it dries. That's part of the reason properly preparing your painting surface is important. You need to start with a clean surface that has enough texture to hold the new paint. This can get challenging when you're trying to paint a high-gloss surface because you have to put a lot of physical effort into sanding the piece. But liquid sandpaper, also called deglosser, removes the top layers of slick paint so the fresh paint can stick without a lot of effort. Read on for some important pros and cons associated with this product.

Pros of using liquid deglosser

There are two main benefits:

  • This type of wet sanding provides a way of prepping surfaces for painting with almost no effort. Sometimes, a single application of deglosser will create a surface rough enough to paint. But if more applications are required, it's so easy to use it's not a problem.
  • It keeps dust at bay compared to traditional sanding. This is especially important when removing old paint that contains lead. However, you do have to be careful about the fumes because they are very strong.

Cons of using liquid deglosser

There are two notable drawbacks as well:

  • The harsh fumes can create a serious health risk if you don't make sure the room is properly ventilated. Open all the windows and doors. Then turn on a fan and wear a face mask. You can't be too careful.
  • Direct contact with the chemicals can cause serious burns. This means you need to put on a pair of gloves, long sleeves, pants, closed toe shoes, a face mask and safety goggles. Keep the product away from your eyes! Also, if you spill the product on your clothing, remove it as quickly as possible before the chemicals soak through and touch your skin.

Projects that are great for a deglosser

Just about any painted surface that reflects the light back to you will make a good candidate for deglosser. For example, do you want to repaint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? If it is a do-it-yourself project, wash the cabinets down thoroughly, then take out the liquid sandpaper and follow the label directions. Just make sure to take the required safety precautions. Or, consult your Atlanta-area painter and let them take care of everything so all you have to do is enjoy the results.

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